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VisiGlobe.CRS offers the most developped Central Reservation System. Its next generation seamless connectivity to all distribution channels, offers hotels instant rates and inventory update as well as hotel, room and rate descriptions and images. VisiGlobe connects hotels to all GDSs, ADSs and ODD. 650.000 A Group IATA registered travel agent are powered by Sabre, Amadeus, Worldspan, Galileo GDSs. Hundreds of ADS, travel portals such as Travelocity, TravelNow, Expedia, Hotels.com are powered by these GDSs. Thousands of internet travel sales point is powered by ADSs. Pegasus ODD is another great channel to reach to thousands of sales point. Hotels keep up-to-date room inventory at VisiGlobe.CRS, and any travel agent or customer can retrieve Real Time Online rate and room inventory and book instantly. Each booking is confirmed within 4-7 second. Transactions have been transmitted to hotels immediately. Here are the basics of VisiGlobe's RezPoint.CRS:

GDS - "Global Distribution System"
VisiGlobe.CRS offers "Next Generation Seamless" connectivity to all major GDSs. These are Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo and Worldspan. Next Generation Seamless connectivity provides hotels instant update of all sales and marketing related information. Currently more than 650.000 A Group IATA registered Travel Agent use GDS terminals. Travel Agent directly search and book hotels next to airline ticket. GDS is the biggest travel sales channel. Your benefits:

  • Being in biggest travel sales channel, reaching to thousands of travel agents,
  • Power of managing your real time inventory and rates,
  • Increase in travel agent confidence via up-to-date information,
  • Commission based business will cost you less,
  • Dinamic sales rules, packages, policies,
  • Negotiated and contracted rates and sales management,
  • Single point control of all channels instantly and easily.

ADS - "Alternative Distribution System"
VisiGlobe.CRS provides connectivity to all major GDS powered ADS channels. So your hotel information, images, room inventory and rates in all travel portals. With the help of internet, your hotel becomes reachable by millions internet users. Some of these travel portals are Travelocity, Opodo, TravelNow, Expedia, Orbitz, etc. Your benefits:

  • Being in all major travel portals and reaching to millions of internet users,
  • Power of managing your real time inventory and rates,
  • Increase in consumer confidence via up-to-date information,
  • Commission based business will cost you less,
  • Single point control of all portals instantly and easily.

ODD - "Online Distribution Database"
VisiGlobe.CRS offers "Next Generation Seamless" connectivity to Pegasus ODD. So, our member hotels dynamically published in Pegasus ODD powered websites. Their number is about one thousand. Dynamic content management, realtime room inventory and rate management gives great power for your hotel marketing. Your benefits:

  • Availability in Pegasus ODD powered travel web sites,
  • Real time inventory and rates management,
  • Continuously growing internet based sales network,
  • Single point control of all websites instantly and easily.

OTA - "Online Travel Agents"  
One of the major change in online distribution is changing and evolving of independent online travel agents. They manage independent hotel databases. VisiGlobe.CRS is developping interface to many important OTA for better marketing and effective sales. (Interfaces are under development.) 

Web Based Distribution
VisiGlobe.CRS provides a exceptional internet marketing. This covers building and maintaining an independent web site for hotels to attract more customer. Some of these services offered are Banner Marketing, PPC Advertisement, Email Marketing. 

Web-D-Rez "Web Direct Reservations"
VisiGlobe.CRS power up your hotel website to accept booking directly. Your web site visitors may search and find best available accomodation and book instantly. Industry standard security will give your shopper confidence. Super fast CRS booking engine offer all you and your customer need. Some of your benefits:

  • CRS powered availability and booking engine,
  • Attract more visitor via website specific rate table,
  • Turn lookers into bookers,
  • Provide corporate and agent specific login and contracted rates,
  • Build your agent network via web pay commission upon sales,
  • Customized look and feel.

Agent Commission Payment Process
VisiGlobe.CRS offer a unique commission settlement programme. You don't need to care agent commissions delivery. VisiGlobe.CRS - TACS programme will do all the necessary work. 

Rate Shopping Tool
VisiGlobe.CRS has a rate shopping tool integration which you can check your market trends, get market intelligence and competitors rates. So you will be always on the right side of the market and make right merketing & sales actions on time. Click for more...

Integrated Revenue Management
VisiGlobe.CRS offer revenue management power to your hotel. Plan and sell with best available rate. Simply sell your rooms to the right customer, at the right time, at the right price with the right room. 

Report Engine
VisiGlobe.CRS provides many reports for you to review all actions.

WebTool Management
You will manage the whole system over internet where ever you like. User friendly screens and descriptions offer a hassle free web content management. Complete one year room inventory, three years stay and arrivals list, individual reservation search, easy and intuitive rate update are some of VisiGlobe.CRS WebTool Management offers

Online Yield Manager
Besides your own team, VisiGlobe.CRS assigns a Yield Manager who will observe and analyze your online sales and marketability. 

Continuous Support
After the initial setup process all system runs automatically. You will be able to manage the system. But if you require you can reach any time to our customer hotline: 

  • Via email: support@visiglobe.net
  • Via call: +90-216-410 5787

CRS Trainings
VisiGlobe.CRS offers one of the best training programme in industry. One hour online web training is given free of charge. After these training, you will begin to manage your hotel in online channel. Within this training, basics of online distribution and possibilities are shown. 


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